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Entwined Triangle Stitch Square
English · 03. März 2021
My square pattern for the Tunisian Blanket Crochetalong 2021
Crochet Shawl "Nordseestrand"
English · 15. Januar 2021
Free pattern for a super-easy-to-do crochet shawl

Tunisian Xmas Ornament
English · 23. Dezember 2020
Free pattern for a small ornament made with Tunisian short rows
English · 01. Dezember 2020
Pattern for a cozy crochet shawl for autumn and winter

English · 30. Januar 2020
Free pattern for a small Tunisian crochet project
English · 30. Januar 2020
This stitch is made on the back side of your work

English · 30. Januar 2020
The Tunisian Knit Stitch creates a fabric that looks like knitting.
English · 30. Januar 2020
Das erste Tutorial zur Tunesisch Häkeln-Serie: Der Grundstich

English · 30. Dezember 2019
My pattern in the Crochet Now-magazine
English · 12. August 2019
Pattern for a cozy and fluffy Tunisian crochet shawl

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