Dishcloth "Karo"

Free pattern for a small Tunisian crochet project

Karo dishcloth Tunisian crochet Haekelreigen

Small projects like a dishcloth or a potholder are perfect for practising new stitches.

I designed this one for my Tunisian crochet classes. It uses three different Tunisian stitches: the Simple Stitch, the Knit Stitch and the Reverse Stitch.

These stitches create a nice texture.

Karo Spültuch Tunesisch Häkeln Häkelreigen

You'll need:

- 50 gr. cotton yarn (125 m / 50 gr.), e.g. Sandnes Mandarin Naturell

Please note: I made these samples using Schachenmayr Catania. For washing-up it is better to use non-mercerized yarn like Schachenmayr Cotton Clean oder Baby Smiles Cotton.

You can also use thicker yarn and make potholders with this pattern.

- Tunisian crochet hook size 5 mm, approx. 30 cm long or with cable

- yarn needle


Measurements: approx. 20 x 20 cm



ch - chains

st(s) - stitch(es)

YO - yarn over

TSSTunisian Simple Stitch, insert hook from right to left under next vertical bar, YO and pull up a loop

TKSTunisian Knit Stitch, insert hook from front to back between both vertical bars, YO and pull up a loop

TRSTunisian Reverse Stitch, insert hook from right to left under the next vertical bar on the back side, YO and pull up a loop

RP - return pass

ES - edge stitch, insert hook under both strands of yarn

[…] - instructions in square brackets are worked multiple times

sc - single crochet



Foundation row:

Ch 35.

Turn chains to the front and pick up a loop in the back bump, starting with second ch from hook and each ch across. (35 sts on hook)


RP: YO and pull through last st on hook, then YO and pull through two loops until one st remains.

Work all RPs in this way.


Row 1: [5 TSS, 2 TKS] four times, 5 TSS, ES. RP.

Rows 2 - 5: as row 1.

Row 6: TRS across, ES. RP.

Row 7: as row 6.


Repeat rows 1 - 7 three more times.

Work row 1 four times.



Bind off with slip sts. Leave yarn attached.


Ch 8 for the hanger, insert hook into the corner again and work one round sc around the dishcloth. Work 3 sc in each of the other corners.

Work 12 - 14 sc around the chains of the hanger.

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

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Dishcloth Karo Tunisian crochet Haekelreigen

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